Why customers love ProLeads

Key Benefits

Know what companies to reach out to, what people to reach out to within those companies, and the content to send them to get the highest response-rates. This is all done by leveraging your already-existing sales-stack, enriched with Proleads’ database to allow A.I. driven personalization for Account Based Sales at scale.

  • Connect all your sales technologies to our central hub and reap the benefits of…
    • Target account penetration reports
    • A.I. driven workflow automation across sales tools
  • Connect your social networks to our central hub and reap the benefits of…
    • Finding the strongest connections outside your team to get warm introductions into your target accounts.
    • Convince your leads to respond to your requests by finding the right social touch points to leverage. And with ProLeads you can do this at scale.
  • Workflow Automation benefits…
    • Give users a solution that they can use throughout the day to more easily input data, and see the priority of their workflow, while continuing to utilize the social selling tools that allow for more intelligent and targeted leads sourcing along with the email personalization engine to improve conversions.

Stop wasting time trying to find out all if this information by hand. ProLeads automates the process for your entire team.

  • Lead Routing based on Social Proximity
  • Powerful metrics and reporting for Leadership
  • Automated, Predictable, Scalable
  • Tie your sales stack together
  • Build Target Accounts
  • Lower your CAC by 50%
  • 10x increase in meeting rates and conversion rates
  • Data-driven AI for Account Based Sales
  • Full Support & Training
  • Horizontal Workflow Platform

Our Partners

ProLeads allows for easy automation across sales tools through our partner network and tight integrations.

Salesforce Integration

SalesLoft Integration

Outreach Integration

Zoominfo Integration

DiscoverOrg Integration

PersistIQ Integration

Datanyze Integration

Reply.io Integration


Flexible pricing for your company


$349 / month
billed annually

Bootstrapped approach

  • 1 User
  • Import/Export Integration
  • Basic Support + Team Training
  • 1200 leads per month
  • Salesforce/Hubspot Sales Integration
  • Sales Communication Integrations
  • Outbound Referral Campaigns


$1499+ / month
billed annually

Post Series A

  • Everything in Pro +
  • 15+ users
  • 25,000 Leads per month
  • Target Accounts Builder
  • Direct Integrations
  • Flow
  • Outbound Referral Campaigns

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